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Sonnig mit Aussicht auf Klimarettung

This animation is part of my Bachelor Thesis in 2014. It illustrates the German "Energiewende".


This 2,5D animation is the result of my Bachelor Thesis, using Cinema 4D.
Rising global demand for energy all over the world, increasing shortage of resources like fossil fuels and their enormous impact on the environment as well as the risky use of nuclear power – our energy supply more and more longs for alternative options. RENEWABLE ENERGIES. But to be used efficiently and economically for a 100 percent supply a lot of work is still needed.

Called "Sonnig mit Aussicht auf Klimarettung - Die deutsche Energiewende und die Schattenseiten ihrer Realisierung" this short film provides an overview of the advantages and problems caused by an change in energy production and supply.


More about this topic in the theoretical part of my Thesis.